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Roasted Chicken with Chorizo stuffing
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 Posted: Mon Oct 26th, 2020 12:47 am
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Ok, this came out as something that ShadowCat-X and I both really liked. It is based on a youtube video I say by Chef Gordon Ramsay, and since the cost of chicken right now is $0.69/lb I decided to give it a shot!

1. The stuffing.

1 package of Chorizo
2. One chopped onion
3. 1.5tsp garlic
4. 2 sprigs of fresh thyme
5. 1 cup bread crumbs

Fry chorizo in a pan wit a bit of hot oil in it, for about 3 minutes.
Add onion and fry for another 2 minutes
Add Garlic and fry for another 2 minutes.
Add Stir in breadcrumbs and fresh thyme leaves (strip from twigs).

Set stuffing mix aside to cool a bit to work.

2. Chicken
1 chicken (5lb in my case)
Several sprigs of thyme
A bit of oil
Some Salt, some pepper, some Hungarian Paprika

If any giblets, remove. Stuff cavity packed with stuffing mix.
Put Lemon in opening of chicken, pull chicken skin over lemon and tuck.
Rub Chicken with a light coating of oil. Then put a heavy grind of Salt, pepper, and a sprinkling of Hugarian Paprika. Rub all over.
Place chicken into pan. Add 400ml of white wine, 400ml of water and a bunch of thyme sprigs. Cover tightly with foil and cook at 350F for about 50 minutes. Then, remove foil and cook until breast meat internal reaches 165F. Remove from oven and pan to rest.

3 Afterwards:

1. Remove lemon from chicken, pierce, and squeeze juice into pan with roasting liquid. Whisk to combine and then strain into bowl as finishing sauce.

2. Remove all the stuffing into a bowl. Put a few teaspoons of finishing sauce over stuffing to add flavor.

3. Part chicken (Shadowcat did this) and then teaspoon some finishing sauce over the meat. Enjoy! So yummy!!!

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The Warren > Reviews > Recipes > Roasted Chicken with Chorizo stuffing

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