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Komatsu - Campbell
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 Posted: Fri Aug 3rd, 2007 11:18 pm
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Restaurant:       Komatsu
Location:          300 Orchard City Dr, Campbell, CA, 95008
                        (In the Water Tower Plaza)
Phone:              408-2379-3000
Hours:              Lunch 11:00AM to 2:00PM (No lunch on Weekends)
                        Dinner 5:00PM – 9:30PM (10:00 on Fri/Sat)
Website:           (No website)

Komatsu is located “around the back” of the Water Tower Plaza in Campbell, next to the trolley tracks. They feature Japanese cuisine, including Bento Box dinners, Grilled items, Tempura, and a rather nice Sushi selection with a lot of variety. Diners may choose between ‘normal’ American tables, or the more traditional lower Japanese tables with woven tatani mats for seating. Each of the traditional dining areas is enclosed by sliding shoji (wood and paper) doors. As a concession to those of us who no longer ‘fold’ quite so well as to endure a full length meal in lotus position (like your friendly wuff), the low tables feature a cut out underneath them for your legs. The décor is very Japanese; quiet, artistic, and soothing.

Komatsu firmly subscribes to the Japanese tradition of artfully arranged and presented dishes. Whether the meal comes in the multi-compartmented “Bento lunchbox” style, or on individual plates, each item presented is a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. And the tastes of the dishes meet or exceed the art of the presentation in every case this wuffy has tried them. Vargr has “eaten in” at the restaurant twice, and had take out from them three additional times. Even stuffed into the cardboard and Styrofoam take-away containers, their food has always been excellent. “Stuffed into” is too crude a description of their take-away; Komatsu makes the attempt to present even the take out in pleasant and artful arrangements. However, the ‘dining in’ version provides even better textures, fresh from the kitchen. 

The tempura is light and crisp, noodles substantial and hearty, grilled items crisp and crunchy when breaded with tender interiors, or succulent and juicy when served grilled and sauced.  The sushi has always been of the highest quality, with flavors distinctly noticeable enough to tell the difference easily between even the more similarly flavored items, such as the Hamachi (Yellow Tail), Maguro (Tuna), and Hirame (Halibut) Nigiri. Their sushi selection includes not only the more common Nigiri “fish on a rice cake” and various “rolls”, but the more decorative and unusual Temaki hand rolls, and a wide selection of chef’s “Special Sushi”.

Komatsu offers several combination selections, including Tempura combos, Sashimi combos, and Teriyaki combos, as well as lunch and dinner ‘combinations’ and multiple-selection “bento” meals. This is especially nice for singles or pairs of diners who’d like to sample a wider variety of items, but don’t want to order lots of entrées only to end up taking most home.

Prices are reasonable, especially for the lunch specials, bento meals, and combinations, but not exactly cheap. A two items Bento lunch (choose from among chicken, beef, or salmon teriyaki, California roll, tonkatsu (fried breaded pork cutlet), Chicken Katsu (deep-fried chicken), Tempura assortment, or Sashimi assortment) will run a bit over $10 with a drink and taxes, and includes a salad with the house Asian dressing, a choice of soups, and rice. A 3-item Bento lunch will run a dollar or two more. Sushi selections, ,as befitting the use of the high grade ‘sushi quality’ ingredients, are somewhat more expensive but not out of line for the quality and portion sizes provided. Dinner specials, consisting of four major courses (such as Tempura, Salmon, Sashimi assortment, and California Roll) plus soup, salad, and rice, will come in around $20 plus tax, drink, and tip.

Komatsu is also happy and willing to alter their normal menu items to meet special requests. Don’t want the avocado in your “Crazy Roll”? Just ask and they’ll leave it out. Want a little more of the colorful orange eggs on top of your special sushi roll? They can do that too!

Unfortunately, the only downside of the dining in experience has been the table service. The servers are very friendly and cheerful, happy to make suggestions or take your special orders. Unfortunately, they are also prone to make mistakes in the orders, and response time to refill drinks or bring the check can be very slow, especially when the place gets busier. If the table service was as prompt and attentive as they are friendly and charming, Komatsu would easily rank in the top 5 Japanese restaurants this wuff has dined in. As it is, it still easily makes the top 10. 

Both times wuff has eaten “dining in” at Komatsu, it has been at “off peak” hours for meals. There was virtually no wait for table space. However, given the leisurely pace of service and the time needed to prepare some of these dishes, it is likely to have moderate waits if the tables are filled up when you arrive.

Wuffy strongly recommends Komatsu for those who enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine and good sushi. And their take out option for Japanese food is about as good as it gets.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest)
Taste = 5 paws
Selection = 4 paws
Service = 3 paws
Cost = 4 paws
Overall Rating 4 Paws
Recommendation: VISIT!

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