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The Warren > Reviews > Restaurant > Eastcoast Restaurant and Deli (Colorado Springs)

Eastcoast Restaurant and Deli (Colorado Springs)
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 Posted: Mon Nov 1st, 2010 07:15 pm
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East Coast Deli - Colorado Springs
24 S. Tejon, Colorado Springs (Between Pikes Peak and Colorado Ave)
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Vargr first experienced this place when they had their business on Powers Ave, north of the wuffy's home den. Since then, they've moved downtown into the middle of the government and business district, but that didn't set back their food in the least, despite the smaller, slightly tighter location.

The front is rather unassuming; just another small, plain-brick storefront slotted into the midst of a block of similar structures in the renovated downtown section on S. Tejon street.  The inside continues the antique, somewhat industrial feeling with the original turn-of-the-century brick and mortar walls, adorned with scenes of NY, Jersey, etc.  A "to go" counter greets entering patrons, showcasing deli meats, knishes, and NY-style cheesecakes, as well as other freshly home-made items (like potato salad, pies, etc.

The main room is "seat yourself", and there's a short bar-counter section lining the hall that leads to the rear seating (also seat-yourself) area.

The establishment isn't high on decor and pretense, but they make up for it with the quality of their food, especially their sandwiches.

All the "standards" of a good NY deli are there; pastrami, corned beef, lox, liverwurst, brisket, tongue, roast beef, salami, ham, you name it! Even a lovely thick-cut meatloaf sandwich. Along with the "salad" versions of egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, even a delightful shrimp salad (one of wuffy's favs).

They aren't shy about piling the meats up! Even on their "regular" portions, adding tomato, onions, and lettuce results in a sandwich that requires significant squeezing to fit an adult's bite.  But for those who come packing a big appetite, they feature a "NY Portion" for the classic deli meats that equates to a 1-pound serving. Results in a towering sandwich that puts a New York skyscraper to shame!

Diners can choose from a variety of breads, sides, toppings, and condiments to round out their selected sandwich.

In addition to those, they offer grilled burgers and patty melts, "Philadelphia" wraps, lox,  chopped herring, sturgeon and salmon, and others.

They also feature an expanded dinner menu with chicken, fish, beef and pasta dishes.  And for early birds, a wonderful breakfast menu is served until 11 AM.

Vargr, ever the "experimental" eater, is drawn to their specialty East Coast "quirky" items, like their Dr Brown's Cel-Ray pop (an improbable but tasty celery-based soda), real Egg Creams, "Westside Special breakfast (3 potato pancakes with chopped liver and red onions, with a side of applesauce and another of sour cream), potato knishes (3 kinds, including "imported" fresh daily from NY City), cabbage soup, and others.

Prices are reasonable, from around $10 for a cup of soup and half a sandwich (definitely enough for a hearty lunch serving), to around 20 if you want to go with appetizers, dessert, and one of their more expensive dinner items (say, T-bone steak). They also offer a nice selection of drinks, beers, etc., as well a all the "regulars", coffee-wise, from an espresso bar.

Service is prompt, friendly, and attentive. And they'll be happy to work with menu alterations if you can't quite find the right combination from their extensive menu. Response from the "back of the house" is just a quick, and your order should arrive very soon after you placed it (depending on the 'rush hour' timing).

Because they're in the heart of the downtown office and government area, there's a definite "lunch rush" time you'll want to avoid if you can. From about 11:45 to 1PM, the crowd goes from only a couple tables seated, to 100% full, though wuff didn't actually see anyone waiting in line for a seat while he was there at a little after Noon.  Still, getting in a few minutes ahead, or waiting until after couldn't help with providing elbow space and a bit more attention from a less harried staff.

Everything on the lunch menu can be ordered for takeout. Not too sure about the dinner or breakfast plates though.  However, their specialty breakfast sandwiches are definitely available to take with you.  They also offer catering, including a great "bagel spread" for those early morning business conferences.

This place is certainly worth a visit if you happen to find yourself visiting the Colorado Springs area! And you know Vargr will be going back again.

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